In creating this timeline, we have set out to capture something of the continually evolving story that is the Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School. Grounded in the sentiment expressed by Agnes de Lima in the book The Little Red School House that “we not only study history—we make it” and guided by a set of core learning principles, we hope that this timeline amplifies and affirms Elisabeth Irwin’s profound insight that:

The school will not always be just what it is now, but we hope it will always be a place where ideas can grow, where heresy will be looked upon as possible truth, and where prejudice will dwindle from lack of room to grow. We hope it will be a place where freedom will lead to judgment—where ideals, year after year, are outgrown like last season’s coat for larger ones to take their places.

While the timeline lays out the chronology of LREI’s story from past to present, we hope that it inspires wonder, curiosity and learning as the school continues to write its story into the future.
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