Classes begin at 196 Bleecker Street

We opened that first fall with five groups of children, from 5 to 9 years old — 161 children in all. The next year we added a 10 year-old group. Each year we added another group, taking all children who came. Tuition was $125 the first year, and from the very beginning scholarship help was provided for those children needing it. Lunch cost a dollar a week, collected at the door. Our budget for the first year was $17,000 and salaries began at $1,200. Miss Irwin and some of the teachers worked without salary until the school’s existence was assured.

—Mabel Hawkins, LRSH Teacher


Elisabeth Irwin and her teaching staff always intended the school to grow to accommodate the upper elementary school grades. The incredible dedication of the LRSH teachers, readying the building for a fall opening in just a few months’ time – with Irwin leading by example in her ancient automobile making deliveries, organizing people and tasks, and exuding her characteristic optimism and humor.