Agnes Delima’s The Little Red School House is published. Contributors include Elisabeth Irwin, John Dewey, and LRSH teachers.

Little Red School House, written by Agnes de Lima and the LRSH faculty was addressed to current and prospective parents, professional educators, and members of the reading public interested in the critical role played by education in our society and the larger conversation about children in a rapidly changing world.  Written in non-technical language, it satisfied the need the public still had to understand exactly how progressive education worked, its educational aims and purposes, its history, its ideas on child development and the philosophy of “learning by doing.”  It included a description of the curriculum for each grade as well as expositions of the school’s philosophy with individual teachers contributing chapters in their special areas of expertise. Elisabeth Irwin contributed two chapters, including one on the intellectual life of young children and one on dance, which she described as  “the first language of children.”