Parents Save LRSH

Parents meet at an ice cream parlor on Sixth Avenue and resolve to raise money to continue Little Red School House as an independent school.

Lillian Intenmann, then seven years old, recalled the night she couldn’t sleep as she lay in her second-floor bedroom because of the commotion downstairs. That was the night, the first of many, that parents whose children attended the “Little Red School House,” than located in P.S. 41, a few blocks away, gathered in the Intenmann’s candy store on Sixth Avenue, pondering what to do. Agnes de Lima in her 1942 book, The Little Red School House, describes their mood as perhaps to mourn, or possibly, at the most to appeal or to protest when “one parent jumped to his feet: He was a butcher, whose average income never exceeded forty dollars a week. He stated that he would contribute five dollars a week to keep his children in Miss Irwin’s classes…One after another, other parents followed suit…”


A panel from “A School in History,” a comic depiction of our school’s founding and history was created by two of our high school students as part of an Honors Project.