Phil Kassen Becomes Director

When Phil Kassen was asked by a parent during the search process for LREI’s new director, “Why have you stayed at LREI for so long?” his response was:

There are many reasons, large and small, including these:

  • Mission-Driven—LREI is true to its mission. LREI is true to the mission of all schools in that we educate and prepare students at each step in their schooling and that we provide opportunities to learn the skills necessary to be involved and effective citizens. More than this, LREI is true to its unique mission as a progressive, inclusive, forward thinking school. We work each day to make sure that our practice lives up to the founding principles of the School.
  • Progressive Education—Students at LREI are actively involved and intellectually engaged in a variety of developmentally appropriate ways. Their work in various disciplines is integrated, the arts are central, there is relevance to the day’s discussion and, whatever the class, LREI students are challenged to participate in genuine discussion and inquiry. They are required to gain new skills and understandings, and to demonstrate mastery, in authentic and relevant ways.
  • Community—LREI is a thoughtful, caring and involved community. LREI is a diverse community that is supportive of the needs of its individuals and that in turn thrives due to the support given by these individuals. We may not share all of the same values. We do, however, share the belief that your life should be evidence of your values. Most importantly, we are, at our very core, a community that values the intrinsic worth and dignity of all people equally.
  • Equity—The School strives to ensure that all members of its community have equal access to the opportunities and resources that define the core LREI experience. All families also have equal access to decision-making and decision-makers.
  • Faculty—The expertise and commitment of the faculty, administration and staff are without peer. I am ever impressed with the faculty’s devotion to the education and care of each student. Equally as impressive is the faculty’s commitment to their own continuing growth and development. They are wonderful models for your children.