Roosevelt and Dewey Help LRSH

Upon reading the news, John Dewey fumed publicly that the Board’s decision to eliminate Elisabeth Irwin’s public-private partnership was “reactionary and an outrage.“ Eleanor Roosevelt, then First Lady of New York State, worked behind the scenes to  gain support for the reinstatement of Little Red in the public school system and that the results of  then-ongoing “blue-ribbon” evaluations of the benefits of Elisabeth’s  experiment be allowed to  run their course. But to no avail. The Board of Superintendents led by O’Shea would not change its mind and LRSH seemed doomed. However, the fundraising  campaign started by the parents in Intenmann’s  confectionary turned into a city-wide crusade, led by Margaret Lewisohn, who donated $20,000 of her own money, acquired the funds necessary to reopen the Little Red School House as a private institution in the fall.