School Drive for Migrant Children

Students watched one of the most celebrated documentaries of all time, 1960’s “Harvest of Shame,” in which Edward R. Murrow exposed the plight of America’s farm workers.

Students collected $486.00 to pay the expenses of representatives traveling through migrant areas, discussing the problems that exist, and informing the workers of the opportunities for aid that exist in the various states.

In addition, 320 pounds of clothing were collected and sent to workers on Fayette County Tennessee for Black workers who were forced to migrate when they were thrown off their land after they tried to register to vote.

Students then worked in the Migrant Children’s Fund office processing and mailing 10,000 copies of the fund’s annual report students.

According to INFO, the school newspaper, “The drive was quite successful. The school educated itself on the migrant problem, has assisted in Migrant Children’s Fund’s office work, and most importantly has aided the workers with clothes and money.”