Service Learning in the Deepest Sense – 11th Grade Trip

One practice that is grounded in our progressive principles is the field trip, an approach to learning that was pioneered at LREI. Through the trip, we seek to take learning out into the world and to then bring the world into the classroom to deepen and enrich the learning experience

The Junior Class Trip to Brownsville, TX, focused on immigration and family separation. HS Co-Principal Allison Isbell’s message speaks to the junior class’ trip mission, “This is service learning in the deepest sense.”

Some words from the field: I am watching our students transform right in front of me. They just had a conversation that was driven by the following comment: “we need to own that it is not the responsiblity of LREI to make sure we keep doing this work. This is our responsibility now. If we stop thinking about this when we leave it is because we are shirking our responsibility as people and citizens – it’s our work now.

We just spent the last 3 hours working to help a flood of migrants who were release by DHS – our students used every bit of Spanish they know to help them get clothing, food, medicine, and to explain how the bus system works. This is service learning in the deepest sense – coming to know the experience of others through the work they did. Nothing could possibly bring them closer to what is happening at our borders than this.

—HS Co-Principal Allison Isbell