Student Walkout 2014

In December 2014, thousands of students from schools across the U.S. staged a massive walkout in solidarity with Ferguson and other communities affected by police violence. LREI high school and middle school students joined the many demonstrations that occurred in the aftermath of the two grand jury decisions, in Ferguson, MO and in Staten Island, NY, by organizing a walkout. The group marched to the Sixth Avenue campus, to Washington Square Park and from there to the Sixth Precinct. After staging a “Die-in” at the precinct they marched to Union Square Park, into midtown, past Penn Station and rallied on the steps of the Post Office before heading back to LREI. Upon their return, students checked in, had lunch and went back to class. The day ended with an all school meeting to discuss the events and talk about any next steps.

I walked out because I felt that this was an important time and issue for me, both as a male of color, and as a young person in society to stand up for something and make a statement. Just from watching in the crowd, I felt the unity and togetherness of 200+ students, all as one. I learned that our voices do matter, and that we as young people can make a difference through our voices.
—Daniel, Student
We are proud of the students, those who left the building and those who did not, for having the courage of their convictions. We are grateful to the faculty for supporting the students without making the protest their own. The community will continue to discuss the issues at the heart of the walkout and the walkout itself, while, of course, getting back to the business of school on Monday. Today saw many lessons learned, many skills developed and passions raised. We are sure, given our terrific high school students that there is much more to come.
—Phil Kassen, Director
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