The Laramie Project + Moisés Kaufman Lecture

LREI’s production of The Laramie Project premiered during election week of November 2016 – a fractious and memorable moment in political history, when hate speech was again on the rise. The students who participated in the play hosted an audience talkback after the opening night performance. They brilliantly assessed the importance and personal impact of the play. It was an emotional moment for them, as the election had happened that week, and they were trying to make sense of the changing political landscape. Watching the students make connections and demand a call to action was a highlight of my career.

—Joan Jubett, Director and Theater Teacher

The following week, Moisés Kaufman, award winning theater director and playwright of The Laramie Project, spoke at LREI’s Ideas Speaker Series. Many students had the chance to meet him and hear his views about his groundbreaking play as well as theater’s role in our society.

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Click here to view a recording of the play and Q&A.